Is Aloe Vera Drink Good For You?

In recent months, Aloe Vera drinks have become extremely popular in the United States; they are abundant in grocery and health food stores across the nation, and there are hundreds of magazine articles and websites claiming the many amazing health benefits that can be gained from drinking Aloe Vera on a regular basis. This leads us to ask the question is Aloe Vera drink good for you?

Surprisingly, considering the dozens of websites that claim the products benefits, and the thousands of people who currently drink Aloe Vera, the answer to this question is not as clear cut as you may think. The goal of this article will be to try to answer the question “is Aloe Vera drink good for you?”, and point out why the answer may not be obvious.

Is Aloe Vera Drink Good For You?

Is Aloe Vera drink good for you? Many people would probably assume yes; due to its popularity, and the large marketing push recently to tote the wanders this product can work on the body. Many advertisements claim that drinking Aloe Vera can improve skin, help with digestion, and improve the overall health of a person’s body.

However, none of these advertisement campaigns have scientific data backing up their claims, and provide little to no proof supporting the health benefits of their product. While Aloe Vera gel (which comes from the inside juice of the leave of the Aloe plant) has been used for topical applications for thousands of years, including the treatment of burns, little study has been done into the effects on the body of drinking the juice (which is made using the skin of the leaf of the Aloe Vera plant).

This is an important distinction to recognize; many people see the Aloe Vera name, and assume it is the same as the gel; however, the juice made from the skin of the leaves is a completely different compound than the inner gel, and is structurally very different. So is Aloe Vera drink good for you? Is it a marketing scam, and could it be harmful to drink? To answer this question we must look deeper into the scientific research that has been done on Aloe Vera juice.

Is Aloe Vera Drink Good For You: The Science

Can science answer the question “is Aloe Vera drink good for you?” Until 2002, the primary use of Aloe Vera juice was in the production of over the counter stool softeners; in 2002 however, the FDA pulled these products from the shelves due to concerns regarding the safety of the product. Apparently it was unknown whether it was toxic for humans to consume Aloe Vera juice.

Concern has grown even more over the safety of Aloe Vera juice, since in recent studies in which lab rats were fed Aloe Vera juice, the lab rats developed cancerous intestinal tumors. This does not mean that people should panic and assume that they will get cancer from drinking Aloe Vera juice, as it is at this time unknown if it would have this same effect on humans.

Is Aloe Vera Drink Good For You: Conclusion

Is Aloe Vera drink good for you? In the end, that is up for you to decide, since there is currently no conclusive evidence to support that it is bad for you to drink Aloe Vera juice. However, consider this; while there is no conclusive evidence to support that drinking Aloe Vera is bad for you, there is also no conclusive evidence to support that there are any benefits from drinking Aloe Vera either.

So if there are no benefits from drinking the product, and it could potentially be harmful to consume it, it seems counterproductive to spend money on a product that could be a potential health risk.

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